Hello, and welcome to Lily & Twig. 

I am passionate about all things simple. Keeping a simple home, living a simplified life and documenting my family's story through simple design. 

However, we are not minimalists. I have two young girls with plenty of "kid stuff", a husband with many hobbies and then there is me. I like to craft, cook, garden and memory keep to name just a few, all of which require gadgets and gear, and we don't want to purge everything away in our lives that gives us enjoyment. Our family will always have "stuff", but it's my goal to minimize the amount of "stuff" we have, to only what we truly need.

I discovered a number of years ago that just because I can organize something doesn't mean I should keep it. The more stuff I have, organized or not, just means more time caring for it, fixing it, cleaning it, moving it and reorganizing it. When "stuff" takes up too much room and energy in your life it is time to let it go, especially when it no longer brings you joy.

I am a wife, mum, photographer, storyteller and tea drinker. Each day I am learning to slow my life down so that I can enjoy each and every beautiful moment of it. 

I'm so happy you stopped by and it is my hope that this site becomes a place for inspiration and encourages you to simplify your own life and home. 

It’s not that you shouldn’t own nothing,
but nothing should own you.
— Minimalism