It all started when...

I was just a kid. Documenting life through photos and words is something I've just always done.

Growing up I kept a journal and filled the pages with loads of stories, occasionally adding a photo here and there. I didn't pay much attention to how my journals looked, it was always the stories that matter the most.

In my mid 20's I stopped journaling. I guess I felt that life was just too busy to document and I didn't start up again until my daughters were born. Looking back now I regret that period of time I missed, because when I try to remember that undocumented part in my life, it all just seems like a big blur. That is the reason why I now make documenting mine, and my family's, story a priority.

It is amazing how quickly life changes without us even realizing it until the years have past and remembering all the little details of it becomes nearly impossible. We are often great documenters when it comes to the big events like birthdays, or the trips we took, but we tend to miss all the daily details of our everyday life and I believe that it is those little details that make our story uniquely ours.

My goal for Lily & Twig is for it to be a place that encourages you to capture your story, document the details of it, and share it with others. 

- Carly

Your story matters. Preserve it.